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Download my current advising syllabus

My role as your preceptor is to facilitate your progress through college, as both a resource and teacher. As such, my goal is that you will grow academically and assume responsibility for your own education. My hope is that our relationship will be characterized by mutual respect and trust. Through the various types of courses required of you, I hope that Stockton is preparing you for a lifetime of learning.

Objectives of Advising

Academic Objectives

  1. Identify your career interests
  2. If your goal involves preparing for graduate school or a professional program, be aware of the future admission requirements
  3. Understand the Political Science Program
  4. Understand the Cognate requirements
  5. Understand the General Studies and At Some Distance (ASD) requirements
  6. Learn the graduation requirements (GPA, # of credits, application process, etc.)

Career Objectives

  1. Understand the importance of extra-curricular activities
  2.  Investigate if an internship or independent study is appropriate for your career goals
  3. Examine the career opportunities and level of education required for these opportunities
  4. Explore your desire/need to attend post-baccalaureate work (MA, MPA, PhD, JD, etc.) to meet career goals
  5. Become familiar with college resources:
    1. Career Center
    2. Writing Tutoring
    3. Math Tutoring
    4. Student Records
    5. Financial Aid
    6. Student Development (Student Organizations)
    7. CARE Program (Student Assistance)

Required Materials for Our Advising Meeting

  1. Please review the schedule of classes (Go to then type “Student Records” in the search box then click “Schedule of Courses”) prior to our meeting.
  2. Come with a written list of courses you would like to take for Spring 2016
  3. Bring your CAPP Audit (log onto the goPortal to run the CAPP Audit). For instructions on how to run and interpret a CAPP Audit, go to the main page, type “Advising” in the search box then click “Online Degree Evaluation (CAPP)” on the left-hand side.
  4. Questions about graduation, post-graduation plans, etc
  5. Pen or pencil

Your Responsibility

  • Read and respond to my emails in a timely manner
  • Come to our meetings prepared
  • Follow through with our plans
  • Register for classes on time
  • Be aware of registration, drop, add, graduation dates and deadlines
  • Email or make an appointment to meet with me if you have any questions along the way. Do not wait until registration time to meet with me. It is much better for both of us if you ask questions as they arise and get the answers quickly.