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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Mallinson, D.J. (Accepted). “Using Laboratory Experiments to Understand Political Behavior: Avoiding Pitfalls and Understanding Internal Validity.” SAGE Research Methods Cases.

Mallinson, D. J. (In Press). “Teaching Budgeting in an Age of Austerity Using Simulations.” Teaching Public Administration

Mallinson, D. J. (Forthcoming). “Tackling Addiction: A Case for Drug Policy Reform Based on Science and Christian Ethics.” Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Mallinson, D. J. and Patrick Burns. (In Press). “Increasing Career Confidence Through a Course in Public Service Careers.” Journal of Political Science Education.

Hannah, A. Lee. and D.J. Mallinson. (2018). “Defiant Innovation: The Adoption of Medical Marijuana Laws in the American States.” Policy Studies Journal 46(2): 402-423.

Mallinson, D. J. and Peter K. Hatemi. (2018). “The Effects of Information and Social Conformity on Opinion Change.” PLoS One 13(5): e0196600.

  • Media: Pacific Standard

Mallinson, D.J. (2018). “Lessons on Running a Lab Experiment (in Grad School).” PS: Political Science & Politics 51(2): 406-409.

Mallinson, D.J. and Erin O’Hanlon. (2017). “Between the Patient and Politics – A Ready-to-Use Simulation for Human Service Practitioners.” Simulation & Gaming 48(6): 855-870.

Southmayd, Emily A., Rebecca J. Mallinson, Nancy I. Williams, D. J. Mallinson, and Mary Jane De Souza. (2017). “Unique effects of energy  versus estrogen deficiency on multiple components of bone strength in exercising women.” Osteoporosis International 28(4): 1365-1376.

  • Contributed to statistical analysis using R

Mallinson, D.J. (2016). Schoolyard Politics: Measuring and Explaining Variation in State Anti-bullying Policy ComprehensivenessState and Local Government Review 48(2): 100-113.

Mallinson, D. J. (2016). Agenda Instability in Pennsylvania Politics: Lessons for Future ReplicationResearch & Politics. January-March: 1-9. 

Mallinson, D. J. (2016). Building a Better Speed Trap: Measuring Policy Adoption Speed in the American StatesState Politics & Policy Quarterly 16(1): 98-120.

Simons, Joseph and D. J. Mallinson. (2015). Party Control and Perverse Effects in Majority-Minority Districting: Replication Challenges When Using DW-NOMINATEStatistics, Politics, and Policy 6(1-2): 19-37.

Mallinson, D. J. and Zachary Baumann. (2015). Lights, Camera, Learn: Understanding the Role of Lecture Capture in Undergraduate EducationPS: Political Science & Politics 48(3): 478-482..

Mallinson, D. J. (2014). Upstream Influence: The Positive Impact of PAC Contributions on Marcellus Shale Roll Call Votes in PennsylvaniaInterest Groups & Advocacy 3(3): 293-314.

Mallinson, D. J. (2013). Where Was the Electricity?: Agenda Setting and the Politics of Electric Rate Caps in Pennsylvania. Commonwealth: A Journal of Political Science 16(1): 41-62.

Editor Reviewed

Vieira, Everett Albert III, Erin Victoria Kay Rowland, Bobbi Gentry, and D.J. Mallinson. (2017). “2017 APSA TLC Track Summary: Innovative Subfield Strategies.” PS: Political Science & Politics 50(3): 854-855.

Mallinson, D. J. (2017). “The Color of Mass Incarceration.” In Race in America: How a Pseudo-Scientific Concept Shaped Human Interaction, ed. Patricia Reid-Merritt. ABC-CLIO. 

Reports and Briefs

William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy, Stockton University

Office of the Inspector General, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  • Payment for Drugs Under the Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OEI-03-09-00420)
  • Higher Rebates for Brand-Name Drugs Result in Lower Costs for Medicaid Compared to Medicare Part D (OEI-03-10-00320)
    • Received Inspector General’s Exceptional Achievement Award, 2012
  • Medicare Payments for Drugs Used to Treat Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration (OEI-03-10-00360)
  • Miami Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities’ Compliance with Medicare Standards (OEI-05-09-00560)
  • Review of Medicare Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (OEI-05-10-00090)

Conference Presentations

Other work

report on the 2012 Lithuanian parliamentary elections and nuclear power referendum. Pre– and post-election reports were featured on Monkey Cage.

Listen to my review of Dr. Sophia McClennan’s book, Colbert’s America, on WPSU


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